Project Yingg's First ATL Vendor Experience Was A Success!

Create, connect and inspire are the top three words to describe my experience at ClothxCollaborators, an awesome Atlanta event by CR Clothing Company. Along wit a ton of COLOR, I wanted to show people the power of re-purposing!

I revamped old school records and took advantage of any glass jars and cans I used while cooking at home and hand painted them,

I believe it's a re-purpose in everything. Before throwing things away, I challenge you to think " how can I up-cycle this?"

My most favorite experience at the Project Yingg table was my DIY stayion! (Do It Yourself)

My main goal was to influence others to CREATE! (The DIY sign was created from a cereal box and different textures of cloth were added for the words) I offered both denim patches and cans to paint for their own leisure. The patches could be hand sewn to any jean jacket.

It was very hands on and some hopped right into it, while others struggled with their confidence of creativity. My words of influence were to create solely from the heart and to knock down the barrier of them thinking "I'm not creative". I'm a true believer that everyone withholds a creative spark, you just have to light the match!

After challenging her to try, I was pleased that she walked away with a brighter spirit about the astigmatism of not being creative! That is what Project Yingg is all about!

Y.oung I.ndependent N.o-Stop G.o G.etter


Support is so vital and I definitely couldn't have done this without my better half, Devin Davis. As I went to each table to connect with other vendors, he held it down and knew the ends of out of my brand for any spectators. Believe it or not, but his guidance also helped me make my first sale. I'm always open to learning how to become a better seller and I wouldn't have asked for a better teacher. I love him dearly, super blessed!

Well that's a wrap! thanks for your time and reading!

I can't wait for my next vendor booth!

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