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A face mask says a lot about the person wearing it!

Wearing a face masks demonstrates your level of care for yourself and others. Let's be apart of the solution to TRY to stop the spread of the deadly virus.


But, of course in the most fashionable way! Make this experience a fun gesture to express yourself. Enjoy our 100% cotton blend face masks, sewn with love, peace, and faith. 



 To every creative who has ever felt helpless, doubtful, and defeated about their passion or has faced the feeling of having an enormous dream that felt way too much to bare. Please know that there will be a victorious day when all of your suffering will make sense. Your purpose will set you free. Your suffering and experience will be used to fuel the next person. You have to keep striving to birth your creativity because that'll be the vessel to free others. Allow your grace and will power to spread like wild fire.

Keep pushing, keep striving, and keep progressing.

It's time to operate in "THE NEW"

..... starting with wearing a denim of purpose!  


Creatively Directed | Shot & Filmed by PROJECT YINGG

Dancer & Choreography by @Riahbdanicin

The Designer

A passionate creative, devoted to her craft of Fashion and Art. Starting at the age of 16, she embarks her journey of changing the world one design at a time and spreading the message of the importance of following your dreams. She lives to inspire her supporters!

Dried Oranges

Why Project Yingg??

Simply because we truly care about producing quality. Not just from our fashion and body butter, but from our purpose. We are here to support and influence anyone to follow a passion and dream, while trusting God through the entire process. You are a Young Independent Nonstop Go Getter!!

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Young Independent Nonstop Go Getter