I'm Yingg. Artist
& Fashion Designer

Inspiration: A WORKING WOMAN

 These hand crafted pieces were inspired by the field of construction work. This was my first collection and represented the beginning of hard work and trusting the process.


Inspiration: The Beauty of Perspective

These hand crafted pieces were captured in two different sceneries. Life can feel like a branch of beautiful fall leaves or like a big dump of nothingness. Continue to strive through it all. 


Inspiration: WOMEN a.k.a. "CHICK BOSS"

These hand crafted pieces were inspired by all aspects of the woman. Our boldness, sexiness, daringness, and creativity. We are free to be sexy in our skin and rule the nation with our go-getter mentality.


Inspiration: FLOWER CHILD

Inspired by "growth". 

To grow and flourish like a flower.

Inspiration: I AM FASHION

Inspired by the historical event in Memphis, TN about the struggles of the sanitation workers fighting for justice, dignity, and acknowledgment that they were indeed men and not unimportant little boys. They protested and created signs that said "I Am A Man". These hand painted pieces were created to state exactly what you are and what you believe in. This was a collaboration of custom pieces and styling.

Inspiration: COMPLEXTION 

This photoshoot was styled and creatively directed by Project Yingg.

In the African American community, the topic of completion runs deep from our historical background. Inspired to stop the notion of competing/comparing complexion, but to see the beauty in every shade of brown. Self-love starts in our own community. We are responsible for breaking the cycle of separation and recognize our own definition of beauty. 

Inspiration: COOL BLUE

This photoshoot was styled and creatively directed by Project Yingg.

Inspired by the coolness of the color blue as a temperature and also as a personality/mood.

Hand crafted/styled fashion pieces. 


These hand crafted/painted pieces were inspired by me exemplifying as a designer that I no longer want to do custom fashion, but create pieces from my own vision. My supporters loved my custom pieces and I wanted to end it on a high note. They were inspired by raw creativity and embracing being one of a kind.

Inspiration: TORCH

Inspired by the growth and transition of Project Yingg, these hand crafted pieces exemplify the fire within to rise and conquer. This brand is all about following your dreams and you most certainly will have to ignite your own torch and lead then way to your destiny and future.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Young Independent Nonstop Go Getter